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  • Panda offers decorticated fiber and mechanically cottonized fiber exclusively of US origin.

  • Bales are packed in dimensions and weight similar to cotton and compatible with the conventional laydowns for seamless opening and blending in yarn spinning.

DECORTICATED FIBER_ - IMG_5835_p-AI-stabilize-min.jpg
MECHANICALLY COTTONIZED FIBER_ 20240402_153251[24]-AI-stabilize-min.jpg

Mechanically Cottonized Fiber

Decorticated Fiber


  • Panda offers clean hemp hurd conveniently packed in 33 lb bags ready for multiple applications.

  • Hurd has numerous industrial applications such as hempcrete, hemp wood, acoustic and thermal insulation, multiple transportation sector uses, animal bedding, and much more. 

Micronized Hemp
Short-Fiber/Hurd Mix


  • The Short-Fiber/Hurd Mix is a flexible product with a range of potential applications from cellulosic pulp for paper to MMCF (Man Made Cellulosic Fiber) for use in textiles.

  • This product can also be used in gardening and greenhouse farming applications due to its moisture retention properties.

SHORT-FIBER HURD MIX - 1000091049-AI-stabilize-min.jpeg


  • Panda can ship micronized hemp in dust or pellet form.

  • The micronized hemp is nutrient rich.

  • Micronized hemp has innovative applications across diverse industries including bioplastics, animal feed, and biofuel.

MICRONIZED HEMP - IMG_5818-AI-stabilize-min.jpg

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