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Panda Biotech Partners with Oritain

With an increased focus on the environmental and societal impact of our clothes and the fashion industry at large, a revised focus on natural raw materials can help address some of the problems we face. Hemp is an incredibly versatile material that is far less energy intensive than other crops and, yet, completely biodegradable. But, as with any sustainable material, the benefits can often be undermined when grown, farmed, and processed illegally.

Thanks to a partnership with scientific traceability company, Oritain, Panda Biotech can be sure that all of the hemp fiber they produce is authentic US hemp, grown by farmers in the state of Texas, passing on those assurances to their brand partners and the consumer. Believed to operate the largest hemp facility in the world, Panda Biotech are investing heavily in a greener future. Working with Oritain, they can protect that future and, together, help to the industry, and consumers, dress a little more responsibly.

As the fashion industry continues its drive for more sustainable options, industrial hemp and hurd pioneer, Panda Biotech, signs a Memorandum of Understanding with scientific traceability company, Oritain, to develop the world’s first fully traceable, hemp fiber.

Noticing a shift back to natural materials and recognizing the need for green alternatives, Panda Biotech develops premium, textile-grade, cottonized and natural fiber and cellulose for industrial and consumer products. This latest partnership with Oritain will see the two companies working together as official partners to create the world’s first scientifically traceable hemp fibre—from field to garment—for the global textile industry.

Oritain is a world leader in using forensic science to trace the origin of products. It works with Mother Nature and doesn’t rely on barcodes, packaging or other tracer systems. Everything that is grown, reared, or made, is a product of its environment, absorbing a unique ratio of elements and nutrients depending on where in the world it comes from. This is what Oritain analyses, using a unique combination of forensic science and statistics to accurately verify the origin of products.


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