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Panda Biotech Free Industrial Hemp Seed Promotion


Panda Biotech will be giving away more than 60 tons of approved hemp seed to Texas agricultural producers. Each farmer accepting the free seed will be asked, but is not obligated, to provide basic data on their hemp crop. All producers providing data will receive a free copy of Panda Biotech’s Research Summary Report generated from the promotion to help ensure the 2021 Texas harvest reaches its full potential.

Data Requirements:

Requested data will be basic and provided in a format to take minimal time from participating growers. Information such as:

1)    Plant date and number of acres

2)    Planting Pattern

3)    Harvest date

4)    Irrigated or Dryland

5)    How did Soil test prior to planting (nitrogen, sulphur, potassium ,etc.)

6)    Pounds planted per acre

7)    How far was the seed spacing

8)    Depth of the seed planted

9)    Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides used (if any)

10) Type of Soil

11) Was production organic?

11) Insect, plant disease or animal issues

12) Yield 

Producers may elect not to provide data from their trial, but only those who submit data will receive the complete research report prepared by Texas A&M AgriLife from the hemp seed study. 

Panda Biotech’s promotion is not intended as a buyback program, but as an educational vehicle for Texas producers to experiment with the free seed and have access to essential planting information. 

Panda expects its report to provide participating farmers with first-hand, on-the-ground research to assist in successfully planting future hemp crops.  

The data could also benefit farmers for crop insurance and banking purposes.



All growers of industrial hemp must receive a Producer License (prior to planting) from the Texas Department of Agriculture, this will verify the facility to where the seed will be going. 


To apply for a Texas hemp Producer License,


Producers will be given a printed label per each sack of seed. The label will have the Kind, Variety Name, Pure Seed %, Noxious Weed %, Germination %, Origin, etc. and has been approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture. This label is all that is needed when traveling from Munson Seed to Producer location.

If Producers do not pick up seed themselves then the person picking it up must have a Handlers License.

Seed Distribution:

Available for pick up:        May 4, 2020

Location:                                 Lubbock, TX 


                                                     Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM (closed 12-1PM)


Appointment:                       Appointment must be made either by email or phone.


Seed availability:                .25 - 25 acres per farmer (first-come, first-served basis)


What is needed at

Pick-Up:                                  Full Name and Address, email address and/or phone number, Texas Hemp Grower’s License,

                                                     proof of Texas Driver’s License


Details:                                    Producers may use the resulting industrial hemp crop for any purpose they choose except for seed

                                                     reproduction for 2021


FREE SEED:                    (first-come, first served basis)


Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Panda Biotech will hold a virtual Town Hall Meeting for participants in the seed promotion. Panda is working with noted research institutions and consultants, such as Texas A&M AgriLife, to assist prospective Texas hemp farmers in their production decisions. 

Panel participants — such as Calvin Trostle, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agronomist — who will provide growers with a basic understanding of hemp farming and how it can fit into their current practices and crop rotations. There will also be monthly Zoom meetings with Trostle and other Texas A&M AgriLife agents to field questions and discuss findings and lessons learned from the industrial hemp growing process.

A collection of Texas A&M AgriLife resources for hemp production in Texas can be found at



Panda Biotech will enter into contracts with producers for the 2021 growing season once installation begins on the first Hemp Gin

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