Texas A&M AgriLife Hemp Crop Survey


Coordinated by Dr. Calvin Trostle, Professor & State Hemp Extension Specialist

    Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Lubbock, Texas

    Office:  (806) 723-8432, Mobile:  (806) 777-0247, ctrostle@ag.tamu.edu


This information solicited from first-time growers of Texas hemp in 2020 is voluntary.  Feedback from hemp growers will help us better identify common items for success and improvement of Texas hemp production.  Your information will be kept private and no personally identifiable information will be made public.


What county is your crop planted in?

Do you own the land you planted on?


(I will have a separate survey edition for indoor growers.)


What is the goal of your planting?



    Extractable cannabinoids

    Smokable non-narcotic cannabis

    Dual purpose (list combination of grain/fiber, cannabinoid/fiber, etc.)

What was the previous crop (and when planted and when harvested)?


Do you know what herbicides were applied to the previous crop where you will plant hemp? (rate, timing, application method)


    Do you believe you had any type of herbicide injury (from your soil, whether from your own physical drift, or from an area field)

Observations of early seedling vigor (grew slow, grew OK, grew fast)


    At one month after planting do the plants generally look the same or look uniform?


    What date(s) did you plant?

    If you could, would you have planted earlier?

    Did you have any problems in planting?

    What was your planting pattern? (for example, drilled on X” rows, rowcrop on 40” rows, 5’ X 5’ rows)

Number of acres?


Was the field free of weeds before you planted? (If not, what weeds were present?)

    What weeds, if any, were a problem in your crop?

How did you control weeds in your crop? (hoe by hand, mulch, mechanical cultivation)


    Did you have any insect problem in your field?

    If so, what insects were they?  What stage of growth was the hemp?

Plant Diseases

    Did you have any visible plant diseases?

    What was the severity? (none, low, moderate, high)

Other pests

    Did you have trouble with deer, wild hogs, or rabbits?

What kind of soil did you plant you hemp on? (sandy, loamy, clayey)

    Did you have a problem with poor drainage?

    Did you take a soil test?

    If so, which lab did you use?

    Based on the soil test, what were the recommendations?

    What fertilizer or soil amendments did you apply?

Was the field irrigated?

    If so, what type of irrigation?  (furrow, sub-surface drip, surface drip, sprinkler)

    If irrigated, about how many times was the field irrigated?

    How much irrigation do you think was applied from one month before planting to harvest?

    How much rainfall did you receive from one month before planting to harvest?

Overall, do you feel the crop grew well? (none, poor, fair, good, excellent)


Did you check your crop over time, apart from the legally mandated sampling within 15 days of harvest, for THC?

    If you checked more than once or on a regular interval, what did you observe for THC in your lab analysis?


Did you have any storm damage on your crop (wind, hail, pounding rain)?

    If so, when did it occur?

    About how tall was the crop?

    Do you think it hurt plant growth or yield? (if so, please describe, including if the plants recovered)


    How did you harvest your crop? (cut by hand, swather, combine, etc.)

    How did you decide WHEN to harvest your crop?

        And when was your crop harvested?

    How many days before actually harvest did you notify Texas Dept. of Agriculture of your intent to harvest?

Do you have any indication or actual yield numbers per acre? (lbs. of grain, tons of fiber, yield of CBD or other cannabinoids after extraction)


Drying your crop

    Did you dry your crop in the field?  If so, how long did it take?

If you dried in the field or used other means please describe?

    Was your drying adequate to prevent mold and other potential rotting pests.

Do you or did you have a clear understanding of the Texas Department of Agriculture hemp production rules?

    If not, what did you have trouble understanding or fulfilling?


Based on your 2020 experience, will you consider growing hemp again?

    Why or why not?                                         


If you grow hemp again in 2021, what will you consider doing differently?                 


Looking back at your first attempt to grow hemp, what do you wish you had known beforehand?     



What are the one or two best things you did to grow you 2020 hemp crop?                 



If you feel your hemp crop (cannabinoids, fiber, or grain) did not yield well or did not grow well, what do you think were the main limiting factors (mark first and second choices).


___ No problems    ___ Bird damage    ___ Disease    ___ Drought    ___ Hail


___ Poor seed establishment and growth    ___ Herbicide damage        ___ Insects


___ Plants did not stand up well            ___ Weeds            ___ Vandalism

___ Other (describe: ______________)


Did you use a crop consultant or advisor in growing your hemp crop?

    If so, was it helpful?

How many hours of labor do you estimate it took per acre to produce, harvest, and dry your hemp crop?


Were there any unexpected expenses in your 2020 hemp production?

Was there any aspect of your 2020 hemp production that cost much more than expected?


I have questions about my 2020 hemp production experience.  I would like to visit with a member of Texas A&M AgriLife about my questions.  If you would like, you can provide your name, e-mail, and cell phone number:



Cell phone:                             

If you have questions about your hemp production but prefer your survey information be anonymous, please contact Texas A&M AgriLife Extension separately.

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