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From our early days as a pioneer in the merchant power business, and over the course of the last 25 years, Panda Energy has had more than its share of achievement and recognition. Our list of accomplishments include:

  • Recognized by Newsweek Magazine as being one of the ten most eco-friendly energy companies in America.

  • The successful development, financing and construction of ten power plants representing more than 9,000 MW of greenfield electric capacity at a total financed cost of more than five billion dollars.

  • Financed, constructed and operated the first $100 million U.S.-sponsored, run-of-the-river hydroelectric project in Nepal.

  • Obtained the first U.S. capital markets financing for construction of a power plant in China. 

  • Helped to save the Sparta underground aquifer in Union County, Arkansas from irreparable damage from over production. Panda Energy designed, financed and constructed a 65 million gallon-per-day river water intake structure, clarification facility and 48-inch transportation pipeline, at a cost of $50 million — then, in a model for public and private partnerships, transferred its ownership and operation to the Union County Water Conservation Board.

  • Simultaneously designed, sited, financed and constructed the two largest gas-fired merchant electric generation facilities in the United States totaling 4,400 MW and $2.8 billion in financing with more than 4,000 workers onsite at peak construction.

  • Raising more than $5 billion of debt and equity capital for Panda's development projects. 

  • Attracting $300 million of capital for various energy sector acquisition targets. 

  • Recognized as the “2001 Deal of the Year” by Euro Money/Project Finance Magazine, IFR/Thompson Financial, Project Finance International and Global Finance magazines. Utilized sophisticated structures which include IFC A/B loan, bonds, leveraged leases, bank mini-perms, mezzanine debt and working capital facilities. 

  • Financed two 1,000 MW projects, each in under 12 weeks from bank mandate to financial closing, raising over $800 million in the process; 

  • Financed two of the first purely independent power projects in the United States; and 

  • Was the first international developer to complete a U.S. capital markets financing package in support of a greenfield power project on mainland China.

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