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Panda BioTech

Panda Biotech is a world leader in zero-waste hemp processing that is sustainable, traceable, and eco-friendly

Who We Are

Panda Biotech is an evolutionary company that is audacious and tenacious. We are innovative, disruptive, resilient, and dedicated to the highest level of integrity, inclusivity, and authentic sustainability. American Owned. American Grown. American Processed.

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Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp used for manufacturing applications is highly valued for its natural durability, rapid growth and environmental sustainability. Almost everything that you can make with cotton, soy, flax or corn can be made with industrial hemp, but with significantly less impact on the Earth. 

Panda Hemp Gin

Panda Hemp Gin will be the U.S.’s largest industrial hemp processing facility that will efficiently process eco-friendly U.S. grown hemp fiber that will be used in hundreds of sustainable industrial applications and seamlessly blended with natural or synthetic fibers in textile applications. 

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1 acre of hemp absorbs an average of 10 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per harvest, which compares to an average of 5.1 tons of CO2 emissions from a typical passenger vehicle per year.


The world’s precious natural resources are being reduced at an alarming rate, and the damage done to the Earth from those products has reached crisis proportions. As a result, today's eco-conscious consumer is demanding that industries produce more sustainable products and services to reduce the massive amounts of pollution that are destroying our environment. Industrial hemp will play a leading role in the monumental transformation of numerous industries.

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